LanguageCert Academic


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What’s Included

Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking

Exam Type

Test Centre




Exam Structure

30 questions

Section 1:
Choose the appropriate completion or continuation from the three-option multiple-choice responses after listening to 7 unfinished dialogues.

Section 2:
Answer two multiple-choice questions with three options for each of the five conversations.

Section 3:
Fill in 7 gaps with no more than 3 words each in a note, message pad, or form while listening to a monologue.

Section 4:
You will be asked to listen to a group discussion/debate & answer six follow-up multiple-choice questions.

There are 4 parts – 30 multiple-choice questions.

Part 1a: 6 MC questions. You must read the sentences and substitute the highlighted word with the correct one.

Part 1b: 5 MC questions. You must read a gapped text and fill in each gap with the correct word from a choice of three.

Part 2: 6 MC questions. Choose from a list of 8 sentences to fill in the holes in a paragraph with 6 sentences cut out.

Part 3: MC questions.Answer questions to extract information from four texts that share a common theme.

Part 4: 6 MC questions. Read a lengthy book using academic argumentation, then respond to 6 multiple-choice questions.

2 tasks

different word counts

Part 1:

A formal response for an intended public audience must be between 150 and 200 words (An appropriate reaction to a given text is required).

Task: Using a written, graphical, or visual input, compose a letter, report, argument, or article expressing stance, opinion, justification, and argumentation for the intended audience.

Part 2:

Write a discursive essay on a topic of academic interest in 250 words.

Task: The purpose of this piece of writing is to persuade, argue, or hypothesize for a specific reader, expressing mood, opinion, justification, and evaluation about a topical academic subject.

4 parts
Questions, role-plays, reading aloud, presentations

Part 1:
Name and country of origin should be spelled correctly. Answer up to 5 questions on different topic areas.

Part 2:
The interlocutor presents two situations. Responding to questions and initiating interactions are expected of candidates.

Part 3:
Read a piece aloud and respond to several questions regarding it.

Part 4:
Candidates have one minute to prepare. Prepare, offer a presentation responding to the interlocutor’s stimulus, and speak for three minutes. Respond to relevant inquiries.

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